The Melnyk family returned home to a modular house set up thanks to the NEST x OLX platform

Olesia with her young daughter Yasmina and her mother evacuated from Makariv at the beginning of spring, before a russian shell hit the house.

The photo shows a destroyed family house

They left for Poland, where they lived and worked, but their heart still yearned for home. After returning to Makariv, Olesia continued to work at the local police station.

“The gate is ours, but the house is not ours,” little Yasmina noticed. The girl remembers the house, which no longer exists, however, Olesia is already arranging and filling the new family nest with comfort.

The NEST project raised $20 000 for a 4-module house for the Melnyk family thanks to the fundraising platform launched by @olx_ukraine in September. Another family returned to the homeland and thereby already made their contribution to the restoration of the community.

Earlier, we talked about the Shevchenko family, a mother, and son, who received a modular house thanks to fundraising. The Corefy fintech company was among the first to contribute UAH 600,000 to the NEST x OLX platform.

We dream that there will be more and more families who come back home. Join our initiative and donate to support Ukrainians!