“For 12 years we built our home ourselves: from one room to a big dream house.” Story of the Rushyn family

Year after year, Oleksander and his wife built their home and with it their life.

The couple is builders by profession, so they built for a long time, as they wanted to set it up as best as possible. Oleksander worked in Alaska in the USA for a few years to provide the best conditions for his family. They began with life in a one-room home and, step by step, made their home bigger and better.

By December 2021, they had already finished construction. At the start of the full-scale invasion, the couple was expecting a child. On May 2nd, their daughter was born.

February 25th, Oleksander evacuated his pregnant wife and her sister, who also lived with them. They returned at the start of April because his wife was due soon. Oleksander believes that russian troops lived in the house and later purposely destroyed it, as for such a large building to be destroyed to its foundations could only be intentional.

Currently, the husband is serving in the logistics forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the wife, daughter, and sister are abroad.

The girls would return to Ukraine immediately if there were somewhere to live and restart their lives.

We are raising $20,00 for a modular nest for the Rushyn family.