“I feel sorry for this apple tree, it was slightly burned”. The story of the Kovtun family from Makariv

The Kovtun family has lived in Makariv their whole life. Viktor, the father of the family, moved from Crimea in 1997 and started doing construction and gardening in the Kyiv region. His garden brings him joy. Besides, all family members work in it.

Viktor showed us a wonderful apple tree that has been growing in his yard for about 10 years. Some trees were burned, but most of them survived. They bear fruits and need to be taken care of.

Viktor and his wife have two great sons. The elder Vitalii used to live in the parent’s house with his young family: his wife and son David. Mykhailo, the younger son, joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The family dreams of living together again on their land, with which they’ve already had a strong connection.

The house for the family was installed within the NEST project.