“My heart sinks”. The story of Olha Hrechko from Makariv

A year ago, on March 7th at 6 am, Mrs. Olha’s life changed drastically.

She was lying in her bed and catching herself thinking, “Оh, it’s too early to get up.” When in one moment her house was destroyed. Mrs. Olha recalls that the missile attack sounded very similar to a machine gun burst. She was inside. Her chandelier, with exquisite glass ornaments, fell near the woman’s neck, barely missing her. Mrs. Olha found herself under the rubble but managed to get out on her own and go outside. “I went out and screamed. But what’s the use: whether you scream or cry, it’s all over. It just happened,” the woman said.

She lived in this house since 1986. She purchased, expanded, and renovated it by herself. All with her own hands. This trait was passed down to Mrs. Olha from her mother. She worked in the trade sector until retirement.

After losing her home, Mrs. Olha first lived with her neighbors and relatives, but when the city became extremely dangerous, she moved to Yaremche. She stayed there for two months, returned on May 3rd, and began to slowly clear the ruins. Even then, they planted peas, and the potatoes grew splendidly. Now, in early spring, green sprouts of onions and garlic that break through the snow-covered ground are already noticeable. Mrs. Olha says that the military enjoyed them last year.

The house for Olha’s family was installed within the framework of the NEST project.