The big Kostiuchenko family wants to live and rebuild on their land

Oleksii was born here. His parents built a house, and when he grow up, he modernized and expanded this nest with his family.

He worked at a local production of medical syringes. His wife still works at the surviving hospital in Makariv. Their son is 8 years old.

Oleksii’s mother, his sister, and her adult son lived with them. Three generations of the family were left without a home because of the russian “GRAD” missiles.

Oleksii shows the destroyed sauna. He says that they managed to test it only three times.

He shows a large garage, and there were many expensive tools that he used to build and maintain the family fortress. Now there is nothing. Only grape vines on the gate survived.

Oleksii says that in the spring they should be provided with a greenhouse for the vegetable garden. They will grow various early and late-season vegetables.

The family hiding in the cellar during the occupation

The family is now completely scattered. Oleksii, his wife, and their son are at their kid’s godparents’ house. But they will return in March, and the future is unknown.

Oleksii’s mother lives in an old house, where there was no heating and the electricity was flickering out. His sister is with friends in Kyiv, she has remote work, and his nephew is in Bila Tserkva, where he found a temporary job.

The family will rebuild because they have work and memories here and what’s even more crucial — they see the future on their land. If only they could be together.

The modular house for the large Kostiuchenko family was installed within the NEST project.