The story of Kulishenko family. “The parents frequently visit the plot, tending to the garden and tidying up the area”

Anna along with her parents resided in the village of Berezivka in the Makarov community. Her parents dedicated a lot of effort and invested in expanding their own home. They maintained a well-tended garden on the plot, adjacent to the house.

After the onset of the full-scale invasion, Anna’s parents were at home. The couple was preparing to move to the basement near the house, gradually transferring food and belongings. At that moment, a fighter jet’s wing, shot down over Berezivka, struck the second floor of the house, including her parents’ bedroom, while the jet’s turbine landed near the basement entrance. Anna’s father was outside at that moment and sustained an injury to his hand. Her mother and her biological sister were in the kitchen when the blast wave threw them out of the house. The family was helped by neighbors who assisted them in escaping over the fence; the explosion caused her mother to suffer a pelvic bone injury.

Anna shares, ” I was very afraid that when my parents returned here, they would relive that terrible experience and remember this tragedy. I feared they would feel scared and uncomfortable here. However, my parents often come to the plot and work in the garden, tidying up the area.”

The family earnestly desires to return to their own courtyard. They dream of rebuilding but currently lack the necessary funds. Anna shares that she helps the army a lot and believes that the entire Ukrainian society should consolidate and support the defense forces of Ukraine in order to stop the war and destruction, and they will still have time to rebuild.

Currently, Anna’s parents reside in an old cooperative cottage, temporarily provided by the Makarov community, while Anna works and rents accommodation in Kyiv.