The story of Levchenko family

The Levchenko family’s home was destroyed during the shelling of Makarov. They lived in their house all their lives and would like to rebuild it in the same place.

Their family home was sizable and consisted of two parts. The older generation of Levchenkos lived in one half, while the younger in the other. The father kindly recounted, ‘Rusik was born, and I built the second half of the house.’ Their son Ruslan was born and raised in this courtyard.

After the liberation of Makarov, Ruslan rented an apartment in the town, while his father lived in the surviving garage near the house. Thanks to support with building materials from other foundations, the family is already restoring the old shed, as ‘there should be a home, even if it’s small.’ Ahead lies a considerable amount of time and effort to have their cozy and spacious housing again. But for now, they can already be at home, live, and build their house.

Thanks to the contribution from OLX Ukraine, a 4-Module NEST-house іnstalled for the Milevskyi family.