“This year, our garden helped us a lot, because we lost most of our income sources”. The story of the Atamanchuk family

Yurii’s family bought this house in the 70s, and when the parents got an apartment, the house became a nest for the young family, where Yurii brought his wife and where two children were born.

On March 14, the family left when an enemy shell hit their roof for the first time. Between 14 and 16 the house was destroyed by mortars, phosphorus munitions, and Grads. At that time, their yard was a gray area where everything flew and hit.

The family evacuated on foot across the fields to the center of the town. At first, they stayed at a shelter and then moved to relatives. As soon as they could, they came back to Makariv to plant a vegetable garden, rake the remains of the house, and work.

When the family returned to the community, they were sheltered by the owners of the partially damaged cottage. The owners will not return home until spring.

Yurii Atamanchuk is a retired locksmith who worked in the nearby village of Kalynivka. The woman worked as a seamstress at a factory in Makariv, which was burned to the ground, so she is currently unemployed.

The Atamanchuk family has two sons: the youngest is 15 years old, and the eldest works in shifts in Kyiv in the National Police.

Children want to be at home, where they grew up, and where they can work. However, the couple feels that they will not be able to rebuild on their own, and their sons need at least a few more years to start the rebuilding process. A modular house is a support that a family needs to have a future in their native land.

We are raising $20,000 for a temporary modular NEST for the Atamanchuk family.