We will rebuild everything.” The story of Mykhailo’s family

Mykhailo and his wife were hiding in the cellar when a russian shell flew into the house. The house was big and beautiful, there was room for everyone. Here Mykhailo and his wife raised two wonderful children, who are currently evacuated abroad, and raised three foster children. The couple decided not to leave their native yard, where they have lived since 1976.

Across the road from Mykhailo’s house, he has a garden. He said, “Yes, this year we planted and harvested, however, everything by hand.” Previously, the man had a lot of equipment for processing the garden, but everything burned down.

Mykhailo worked all his life in Kyiv, first, he fixed TVs, then he worked for a private company, and now he works at the Makariv Hospital. His wife is handicapped, it’s hard for her to walk because of a joint replacement. Mykhailo is a jack of all trades and is sure that he will rebuild the house, only materials are needed. The man collects wood, beams, doors, and everything that may be needed for rebuilding.

Now the couple lives in their neighbor’s house, but when they come back, it is unknown where they will go.

The house for the family of Mykhailo’s was installed within the NEST project.